Stephen A. Glickman 1936>now


1958, Wharton, Position Paper: How to Solve the UHF-VHF TV Crisis

1961, Harvard Law Thesis, A Critique of the Law of Marijuana

Brandon, Shearer, & PeteFlaherty          MiltFine, EdPerlow, & BobStone

PghCivilServiceCommission: initiated & enacted an AffirmativeAction Program advancing Blacks and females into the police & firefighters.
(Helped PeteFlaherty's (very close bud) appointment to US AssistantAttorneyGeneral)

Al.CountyBoard of PropertyAssessments: Created and had adopted Rules& Regulations of HowToAsse$$ & HowToDetermine Asse$$ments

RealEstateDevelopment: Remodeled multiple UofPitt student apartments;
Owned 50+ years, 10,000? lease signatures: not one eviction, not one vacancy, not one lawsuit (despite a legal advantage), not one insurance claim

Notable (albeit proud) failures (or unrecognized):
Snobs' Guide to Films, a compilation/ summary of multiple awards
HeartStrong, a quasi-computerized program for heart/health protection
TheUpperCrust, Pgh's first?gourmet light> culinary awards but lo$t
StilledLife, especially “ImagesPassedBy” > HOWEVER “still” hoping

Collections of significance (albeit the “note”-worthiness of collecting others' creations is questioned....?):
Art of Photography book collection/Quackery/nostrums/snake oil book collection
FirstDayCovers (postage), many with cancellations in multiple countries, & PostCards (by subject*)
*Art (viewed in museums), health/medicine, running/bicycling/tennis, women, business, law/social-causesrestaurants, music

Primary hobby/life(74yrs)endeavor: exploring & capturing, artistically?,
the older/nostalgic urban ethnic nooks&crannies of our world>
view “ImagesPastBye
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